3 Easy Steps to Cut Down on Caffeine


Here are 3 easy steps to cut down on caffeine. Please comment below to let us know what you think.


Continue substituting little by little.

    • If you drink 4 coffees a day, begin by drinking 3 coffees and one green tea.
    • A day later (or a few days – depending on how tough going it is) move that down to two coffees and two green teas.

Green tea still contains caffeine but in far less amounts – and is also an all-round healthy drink.


An easy and gradual way to begin cutting down coffee consumption is by adding hot water to your coffee. This will allow you to drink the same number of cups per day, so you won’t be subjected to the stress of a sudden change in habit. If the watered down taste isn’t any good for you, leave more room for milk or cream to get the same effect.

    • You can begin by filling your cup 3/4 full with coffee and then topping it off with water, and eventually move to an even mixture of coffee and water.
    • This works at coffee shops, too. You simply have to ask for your coffee to be diluted.
    • Have you coffee iced, with plenty of ice cubes, “add water” easily.


It may be the most obvious suggestion, but trying to go cold turkey when you’re taking in a lot of caffeine over the course of a day is a recipe for disaster. At best, you’ll feel miserable and power through it, at worst that miserable feeling will make you just give up. “When you’re talking about 10 or 12 cups of coffee a day, you’re looking at something that will take a little over a month to scale back on. I’d recommend having 2 fewer cups of coffee each successive week (10 cups a day one week, then 8 cups a day the next, 6 cups a day the following, etc.) That should help mitigate the typical withdrawal symptoms—mainly headaches, anxiety, and irritability,” Andy notes. Start slow and give yourself time to kick the habit—or at least come down to a manageable level.


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