3 Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas You Need Now

Christmas gift wrapping ideas
Christmas gift wrapping ideas

Amanda White, 60, from Bristol, has demonstrated how to wrap perfect gifts just in time for Christmas.  The retired primary school teacher and a grandmother of two goes through around 600 meters of sticky tape during the festive season and is now a professional wrapper.  The gift wrapping expert is a fan of the rustic look, using brown paper and natural accents such as dried leaves.


HGTV designer Tiffany Pratt shares inexpensive, one-of-a-kind gift-wrapping ideas that will show those you love how much you care.  When it comes to wrapping holiday gifts, you don’t need to look any further than your recycling bin for inspiration. Boxes, newspapers and bubble wrap destined for the curb can be repurposed as gift wrap.


Christmas is a coming and no matter what you’ve bought for your nearest and dearest, it’s gonna look and feel 10 times more personal if you do something truly spectacular with your wrapping. Need some ideas to wow your pals? Then check out this confetti and sequin wrapping hack that’s about to turn your gifts into a real life snow globe.


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