3 No-Grilling Kabob Recipes


Easy Broiled Beef Kabobs are the easiest, most flavorful chunks of delicious meat…cooked right in the middle of December?! Yes, that’s right, kabobs in December.

We’re a few weeks away from Christmas and I just want some yummy meat on a stick!  I mean, who doesn’t want in on upping the fun factor by cooking and serving dinner on a stick?


Kabobs are typically grilled, but you can also cook skewered meats and vegetables under the broiler for a quick indoor meal. The broiler in your oven heats much faster than the grill, especially if you typically use a charcoal grill. Chicken kabobs seasoned with your favorite sauces and spices create a healthy meal on a stick.


Sometimes when you’re in a kebab mood, it’s not always practical to go fire up the grill. Not only is this recipe an indoor kebab recipe, but it’s also another recipe to store in your “Quick and Easy” dinner options. Another advantage of this recipe is that you are cooking vegetables right along with the chicken, so you don’t have to worry about making a side dish.


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