5 Great Office-in-a-Closet Ideas

Photo Courtesy: Shu Wu

Here are 5 Great Office-in-a-Closet Ideas. Please comment below to let us know what you think.

You can help yourself become more productive and efficient using some of these tools:

  1. KOVOT Compact Home and Office Desktop Stand
  2. Wall Calendar – Large Chalkboard Decal
  3. Wall Control 10-OFC-300 BB Office Wall
  4. Cable Clips,ProCIV Set of 2 Desk Cable Clips
  5. Computer Desk PC Laptop Table
  6. Smead Cascading Wall Organizer
  7. Power Strip, Safemore Smart 6-Outlet
  8. Go-Go-Station Desktop Organizer
  9. SLEEKFORM Ergonomic Kneeling Chair
  10. AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair

Make sure your closet is deep enough to handle this task. Lots of closets are only slightly deeper than the width of a hanger. Take your binders, printer and scanner and place them on the closet floor and shut the door to make sure the shelves you install will accommodate them. (Remember you can orient your printer and scanner sideways if necessary). Also, figure out if your space is large enough to accommodate file cabinets; if so, make sure you install the desktop high enough so that you can slide them underneath.


The biggest challenge when repurposing a closet as an office is that generally there won’t be any existing lighting or outlets. I was renting, so hiring an electrician to install switch plates or overhead lights was out of the question. I made do with battery-operated tap lights and task lamps. But if you own your place, make lighting, access to electricity and cord management all a priority. Watch how the natural light shifts and which items you need to plug in throughout the day when designing your space. In a small area, a high-wattage incandescent bulb could even create noticeable heat. Consider LEDs or warm CFL bulbs to illuminate your work area.


The right and left walls of the closet seem too narrow to hold much, but a pegboard on one side and four hanging clipboards on the other transform the diminutive spaces into flexible storage.

Help Yourself Become More Productive and Efficient. Are You Ready?


This small closet is just the right size for a well organized office space, and if it gets a little less organized the doors can still close to conceal it.


Since you are working in a smaller space, ensure that you are going to have a comfortable area to work in. Ensure desk height, chair, computer and electronic accessibility are comfortable and don’t require you to squeeze into a small space. Opt for adjustable seating, back pillows, and ergonomic office components to make your working environment pleasurable. Also put up inspiring pictures, and bring in plenty of natural and artificial lighting wherever possible. The more you are inspired to work, the more pleasurable your closet home office experience will be.

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