7 Companies With The Happiest Employees


Here are 7 companies with the happiest employees. Please comment below to let us know what you think.


A lot has changed at Google recently. Larry Page announced in August that the tech giant was splitting itself up and creating a new holding company. A new company Alphabet, to contain all the pieces.

But after a brief moment of excitement as news of the shake-up broke, Google employees simply got back to work, seeming pleased with the direction their company was heading.

And there’s a good reason for that. Google has always looked after its staff, providing workers with a lot of perks to make it worth their while to stay with the company.

Some former Googlers, and a few who are still with the company, have listed their favourite benefits on Quora, and others have submitted them to Glassdoor.

Googlers employees are extremely well fed, getting healthy and varied breakfast, lunch, and even dinner if they stay late — for free.

There are also coffee and juice bars scattered throughout the campuses.


Game-changers, risk-takers, and boundary-pushers are a great fit for Salesforce.

We welcome disruptive people who challenge the status quo, dream up innovative ways to get things done, and see the world with fresh eyes.

We look for people who are collaborative, compassionate, and good listeners.

Our employees seek to understand the needs of their teammates and customers in order to solve problems and deliver success. We seek people with a passion for giving back.

Our employees live and breathe our 1-1-1 integrated philanthropy model and care about making a difference in their communities.

Finally, we want to bring on people with a sense of fun! We champion a tight-knit culture filled with Aloha Spirit where we can all enjoy a good laugh and a good time.

If a prospective employee isn’t afraid to crack a joke, pull a prank, or share a personal story, that’s always a good sign!


At Bain, we help the world’s top leaders solve their toughest challenges. Our work fuels the growth of many industries and positively impacts countless lives.

So we select only the most exceptional colleagues with an ambition to make an impact. The learning curve is steep, but exhilarating.

Every assignment presents a new chance to develop creative solutions to real-world problems – and to gain invaluable, versatile skills.

Together, we achieve great things and, when you join Bain, you’ll know exactly what we stand for. Because our unwavering focus – our True North – is client results.

On every project, we align our goals with those of our clients. We expect every team member to fully contribute ideas and insights so that we discover the best possible opportunities for our clients.

As colleagues, we support, challenge and inspire one another every day; that camaraderie, combined with training, mentoring, abundant international opportunities and flexible work options, leads us to accomplish more than we thought possible.


The people who work at Facebook are ridiculously happy about it, new data shows.

Ninety-six percent of employees at the social media giant report high job satisfaction, according to a survey of workers at 18 major tech companies from the jobs site Payscale.

In the survey, released Wednesday, Facebook scored the highest satisfaction rating compared with its peers, a list that includes Google, Apple, Amazon and Tesla.

Facebook workers also reported the lowest levels of stress — 44 percent — as compared to other tech companies.

Lots of money certainly helps keep people happy, but it’s not likely the full explanation here. Facebook workers’ average pay during the first five years of their tenure is $116,000, according to the Payscale data.

Employees with more than 10 years’ experience see their pay rise to $149,000, on average.

Those numbers don’t include stock-based compensation. Facebook shares have been killing it lately, certainly beefing up employee coffers.


After 20 years in downtown San Jose, Adobe Systems Inc. is renovating its three-tower headquarters for a more open and slick feel.

That means taking down walls and setting up open-air offices, constructing bigger cafeterias, a larger wellness center and a new large patio next to Adobe’s rooftop basketball court and wind turbines.

Like many Silicon Valley technology companies competing for qualified workers in an increasingly tight and expensive job market. Adobe is reaching beyond campus upgrades to keep its employees happy.

Those include subsidized meals, sabbaticals, gym space, massages, a shuttle service, oil changes and car detailing. Along with dry cleaning drop off and pick up area all part of keeping employees.


Many business owners talk about their company culture, but often can’t define it.

Zappos, the Henderson, Nev.-based online shoe and apparel retailer, is often held as an example of customer- and employee-centric company culture — with just 5 percent employee turnover and 75 percent of customers ordering more than once.

Emphasizing, determination, innovation, and fun, among other qualities. The company even devotes a section of its website to its values and culture.

The company has received widespread attention for its culture, including features on 60 Minutes and Dateline.


Roof-top meetings and friendly colleagues helped to make Twitter’s employees the happiest in the country, according to a report published Friday.

The microblogging company received the highest rating from its own workers in terms of corporate culture and values on career website Glassdoor.com, which studied the reviews of tens of thousands of employers.

Twitter ended up with an average score of 4.5 for culture and values on a scale of 1 to 5.

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