Affordable Design Ideas For Any Child’s Bedroom


Here are some affordable design ideas for any child’s bedroom. Please comment below to let us know what you think:

Monochromatic or filled with color, an accent wall featuring photos, pictures and wall decor is a great way to kick it up a notch in any kids room. And who knows, maybe you’ll inspire a mini Picasso in the making?

Organize your kid’s messy pile of shoes with this cute idea. Simply set a pallet on its end , screw it into the wall, and tuck your child’s sneakers in the slats.

You can paint or stain the pallet any color your child wants, so this would work for any bedroom! Plus no more tripping over loose shoes or frantically trying to find a sneaker’s mate as you race out the door before school.

Want to really get crazy? This bed does not have a tutorial, but is a retail version of the lift bed above. And it’s brilliant! A few little design tweaks and you have a closet in a bed! From French designer ‘Parisot‘.

Make Colorful Kids Bedrooms Like Playrooms Organize Storage Underbed Or In A Loft

Who says you can’t mix 18th-century French design with basketball? In a kids’ space, patterns don’t need to be cutesy cartoon characters, as long as they’re brightly colored and happy.

Small kids’ bedroom decorating idea with trundle bed in corner and tall, open shelves. Space is often the biggest constraint when planning for that great kids’ bedroom and a stylish trundle bed can fix this issue with ease. Trundle beds with storage options take this a step further and combing the space-savvy feature of bunk beds with built-in storage. Those short on square footage can also opt for versatile loft beds that allow you to convert the space underneath into a study area.

In the third room we have what can only be described as the most enviable child’s bed design we’ve ever seen. The hot air balloon-inspired look is straight out of a storybook and is sure to be the source of many sweet dreams. The airborne theme is carried through the rest of the room as well with a hanging biplane and a dangling hammock chair for the ultimate in coziness.

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