Christmas Dinner Menu


Kick off your holiday meal or Christmas Eve party with these bite-size starters. Make this holiday season the most delicious one yet with these incredible ideas. These Christmas menu ideas are delicious, juicy and will make your mouth water. Don’t forget to comment below to let us know what you think.

Miniature is always better — use a mini muffin tin to make these adorable squash tartlets.

Make Easiest Ever Pastry Dough: In food processor, combine flour, sugar and salt. Add butter and pulse until mixture resembles coarse crumbs.

In small bowl, combine squash, feta, parsley, and olive oil. To serve, fill cups with squash mixture

What you’ll need:

3-inch Cookie Cutter Ateco 4901 Round Stainless Steel Form.
Mini muffin pan Wilton 2105-6819 Perfect Results Nonstick 24-Cup Mini Muffin Pan.

Honey, sage and sherry come together in this sweet and fragrant holiday favourite. Serve with our chestnut and sausage stuffing for mouth-watering results.

Serving Tip: Pair with our Chestnut and sausage stuffing for mouth-watering results.

What you’ll need:

Stove Gas Cooker GAS ONE 200,000 BTU Square Heavy.
Meat Handling Claws Lifting Hot Food, Carving, Meat Claws Heat Resistant.

A beautiful roast worthy of your Christmas dinner.

Preheat oven to 450º and place oven rack in lower third of oven. In a small bowl, mix together garlic, rosemary, thyme, and 1 tablespoon olive oil and season generously with salt and pepper. Rub all over lamb.

What you’ll need:

Calphalon Classic Hard Anodized 16-Inch Roasting Pan with Nonstick Rack.

This is the only recipe you need for creamy, dreamy mashed spuds.

Place potatoes in large saucepan; add enough water to cover. Add 3/4 teaspoon of the salt. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat to medium-low; cover loosely and boil gently for 15 to 20 minutes or until potatoes break apart easily when pierced with fork. Drain well.

What you’ll need:

OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Potato Masher with Cushioned Handle.

Cuisinart 719-16 Chef’s Classic Stainless Saucepan with Cover, 1 1/2 Quart

All you need to know is that these Mini Potato Gratin Stacks are cheesy, creamy and ridiculously irresistible. I mean, come on. Potatoes + cheese + cream + garlic + butter. BAM! That’s a home run right there!

These are inspired by the French Food Goddess Julia Childs and her classic French Potato Gratin / Dauphinoise which I posted last year. It is dangerous for me to make her Potato Dauphinoise when I don’t have company because I literally cannot stop eating it. I swear, she is single handedly responsible for the abnormal amount of stretchy clothes in my wardrobe.

By making these in mini form, you can convince yourself they are almost healthy because each mini stack only has 85 calories.

What you’ll need:

Wilton Recipe Right Nonstick 12-Cup Regular Muffin Pan.

This pork loin is roasted with a nicely seasoned herb stuffing with pecans. Serve this savory roast with potatoes and corn for a delicious family dinner.

Heat the oven to 325 F. Lightly oil a roasting pan.

If the pork has been butterflied and tied, open it up and separate into halves.

If it is all in one piece, slice the pork roast almost through; open and lay flat, cut side up. Again, cut almost through each side of the pork. Place a sheet of plastic wrap over the butterflied pork and pound to flatten.

What you’ll need:

Winco APL-11 Aluminum Sizzling Platter.

LiveFresh Stainless Steel Micro-perforated 5-Quart Colander

The ultimate classic Baked Mac and Cheese, with an insane cheesy sauce and topped with an irresistible golden, buttery breadcrumb topping. Prepare yourself for the heart-stopping moment in the recipe video when I pull this bubbling beauty out of the oven…..and the stretchy cheese shot!

“Mac and Cheese should always have a crunchy top!” she declared, as explanation for why she wouldn’t be trying my Stove-Top Mac and Cheese.

Put me in a room with Mac and Cheese, and neither of us stand a chance. Said Mac and Cheese would be ravaged.

What you’ll need:

Kitchen Utensils – 8 Piece Cooking Utensils – Silicone and Stainless Steel Kit

These addictive seasoned “fries” from Mark Bittman are actually baked, but we promise you won’t miss the grease. The spice mix – garlic powder, paprika, salt and black pepper – can be used on regular potatoes as well (you’ll just need to increase the baking time a bit).

What you’ll need:

Rachael Ray Oven Lovin’ Nonstick Bakeware 3-Piece

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Nothing says holiday dinner like a show-stopping roast, and I love this combination of sear-roasted beef tenderloin with a deeply flavored, richly colored red wine sauce. Not only is it delicious, it’s deceptively simple to make. The sauce can be made mostly in advance so there’s very little fussing at the last minute – and beef tenderloin, believe it or not, is one of the easiest things in the world to cook.

If you’re thinking, “Beef tenderloin is such an expensive cut. What if I overcook it? How will I tell when it’s done?” I promise you: you don’t need to be an experienced cook to make a perfect beef tenderloin. All you need is a meat thermometer. The one I use has a leave-in probe and remote monitor (like this one), so I know when the roast is done without ever even opening my oven — there is zero poking, cutting, peeking, or guesswork involved.

What you’ll need:

EXTRA LARGE Organic Bamboo Cutting Board with Juice Groove

Victorinox 12 Inch Fibrox Pro Slicing Knife with Granton Blade

Mercer Culinary Millennia 8-Inch Cook’s Fork

Fresh homemade rolls are one of my many weaknesses (I think I have at least 500 of them, if it contains sugar, butter, cream, cheese, bacon, or good filling carbs you can count it as one of my weaknesses). These rolls are inspired by this bread I made here. It is loaded with fresh rosemary and it’s one of my favorite bread recipes.

I thought these rolls would be perfect for the holidays because the rosemary make them seem festive and they are just a little fancier than your traditional roll recipe, but they aren’t any more work. They are soft and fluffy and their flavor is simply dreamy, especially when you have a side of olive oil and freshly cracked black pepper to dip them in.

What you’ll need:

Pyrex Easy Grab 8-Piece Glass Bakeware and Food Storage Set

This comforting classic has a flavorful twist, mustard-tarragon sauce!

Heat oven to 450 degrees F. Toss 1 tablespoon oil, 1 teaspoon salt, and 3/4 teaspoon pepper with potatoes and next 4 ingredients in a large roasting pan. Rub chicken with remaining 1 tablespoon oil, 1 teaspoon salt, and 1/2 teaspoons pepper. Arrange on top of the vegetables in the pan. Pour wine into the pan.

What you’ll need:

Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Stainless 16-Inch Rectangular Roaster

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