How to create an email newsletter with AWeber


Aweber is one of many email newsletter services out there. I will cover the basics of creating email lists, forms and campaigns with Aweber.

The good news is that you can start using AWeber with a Free Trial. Yes, completely free which gives you time to make up your mind whether it meets your needs or not.

To create an AWeber account: Click Here. This process takes only 5 to 10 minutes. Below, you will find videos and step-by-step instructions that will help you get started with AWeber.

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Register for a Free Trial

Go to and click the Free Trial button to register.

How to Create an Email Newsletter with Aweber

Select the First Month FREE trial from the plan options and enter your information to create the account.

Aweber free trial How to Create an Email Newsletter with Aweber

How to Create an Email Newsletter List with Aweber

Once your account is set up on, navigate to Manage Lists and click Create A List.



Complete all the information required including the sender name and sender email address of the newsletter list you are creating.


Type in the name of your newsletter list and a brief description of it. If this is your primary newsletter where all your subscribers are going to be in, naming it “Newsletter” or “YourSiteName Newsletter” would be appropriate.


Configure the confirmation message. This is the email message a subscriber would receive as soon as they subscribe to the newsletter. A subscriber would have to click on the confirmation link contained within the email message.

This is where you can select the context and naming convention of the subject line of the confirmation message.

You can also modify the header and footer of the email message by clicking the edit buttons.

Click Approve Message & Create List.


Create a sign-up form in AWeber

Now that you have a newsletter list created. It’s time to create a sign up form.

The form is where a subscriber would enter their contact information to subscribe to your newsletter.

Start by clicking Sign Up Forms.

Click Create Your First Sign Up Form.


Modify the form layout as you wish. You can drag and re-order the fields. You can resize the form too.

Click Create a New Field only if you need to add additional fields to the form. Generally, the less fields the better.

Once you are happy with the result, click Go To Step 2.


Now simply type in a name for your new form such as Newsletter Sign Up Form.

Create a sign up form in aweber

And then select a Thank You Page from the list available.

Choices include:

Basic Version – This is just a simple thank you page that you can customize and add your logo to.

Audio Version – This is a page with a built in audio player that automatically plays an audio file thanking the subscriber for joining your list.

“Smart” Video Version – This is also automated. It includes a video that plays automatically and shows the subscriber how to look for the confirmation message in their email. The video previews also shows a smart subject line containing your website’s name. It is a little more personal than the generic audio message.

Custom Page – This is where you can use a completely custom thank you page.

Stay on Current Page – This is exactly what it sounds like. The subscriber isn’t redirected anywhere after subscribing to your newsletters via this form.


Now go ahead and Save Your Form


Add the sign up form to your website

You have 3 methods to pick from in order to publish and add the form to your website.

  1. Install the form yourself by simply pasting the html code provided in a text widget in WordPress or anywhere else.
  2. Send the code to your web designer. This is similar to option 1 but it helps you by sending the information to your web designer on your behalf.
  3. Have AWeber host the form for you. And then all you have to do is link to that page from your website.


If you choose to install the form yourself, this is how the html code will look like:


If you choose to have AWeber host the form for you, this is an example of the link you can link to from your website:


What’s Next?

You’re basically done.

You can go back and edit the form if you like. You can change the colors, add your logo to it and more fields if you want.

Otherwise, simple paste the html code on your site or just link directly to the AWeber hosted form and start collecting subscribers and growing your newsletter list! 🙂

Here’s an example of the final result:


So What Are You Gonna Do?

Ready to use AWeber? Go to and click the Free Trial button to register.

Disclosure: This page includes links to sites we affiliate with. Purchasing through them will earn us a commission. Keep in mind that we only recommend the products and services that we believe in.