Got a Pixel Phone? Protect it with These Great Cases.


Here are several great cases for Google Pixel phone. Please comment below to let us know what you think.

This is the world we live in now. People are putting these ring accessories on the back of their phones to loop a finger through and keep their phone in place. As ridiculous as it sounds you may be interested in one of these if you have a Pixel XL that’s just a little too big for your hand.

The rest of the case is a clear shock absorbing model that has a few different color inset options to help your phone pop. It also comes with a car vent mount that can work in conjunction with the ring holder … so there’s that. Maybe this kind of accessory is for you, maybe it isn’t, but it’ll only cost you $10 to find out!

For complete protection for your new Pixel or Pixel XL, the LifeProof FRE is the way to go. If you were disappointed at the Pixel smartphones not featuring better water resistance, this case addresses that issue, along with being dust proof, snow proof, and drop proof. With the case on, the device is capable of being submerged up to 2 meters for as long as an hour, and surviving a drop from 2 meters as well.

Not surprisingly, we covered the headphone jack with a screw type cover and we protected the charging port with a flap, and we have a built in screen protector. The LifeProof FRE cases for the Pixel and Pixel XL aren’t available yet, but were definitely worth a mention, and something to keep a look out for if you hoping to completely protect your smartphone.

It might seem like the best case out there is the Live Case, the special Pixel case that can be customized on the outside and paired with a companion live wallpaper. While Google’s Live Cases are really nice options, they aren’t ideal for everyone. For example, if you prefer wallet cases, or if you simply need to stick to a budget, or if you simply prefer simple cases. If you’re looking for an affordable wallet case for your new device, the model above is a nice option to consider.

Unlike most other wallet cases we’ve seen, this case has RFID technology to protect your cards from getting skimmed. The two card slots are RFID-ready, while the clear pocket is designed for IDs. There’s also a separate pocket for cash. These cases are available in black, blue, and purple…all colors that look great with Google’s Pixel phone colors.

If you truly want an unique case, you can design your own right on the Google Store. There are three different types of live cases: Places, Artworks, and Photos. With Places, you select a spot on the globe that decorates the back of your case. You’re able to select from different color schemes so it doesn’t have to look exactly like a copy of a Google Map. This also comes with a live wallpaper that shows your location on a map in real time, which you can customize through the My Live Case app.

There are lots of TPU shell cases on the market. They provide a decent level of protection, for a reasonable price, in a flexible package that’s easy to fit and comfortable to use. Caseology stands out because of the stylistic flourishes, so in this Vault Series case we have a brushed metallic finish on the back and a carbon fiber highlight around the camera. The cut-outs are generous and accurate, the button covers work well, and there’s a lip around the display.

Got my case in yesterday, and love the feel- edge grips feel secure and it seems tough enough to actually add some protection. Main problem I have with the case is that the inlay is not the same as is pictured. I know they say that every case is different, etc, but the top of the mountain is cut off by the fingerprint scanner on the back. Some may call that OCD, but the design is so cool that I wish I could see all of it…

This case is incredible. The care that went into each detail is so obvious. It fits the grooves and holes of the phone perfectly, the woodwork is exquisite, and the weight and grip of the case itself are perfect. Highly recommend!

We textured the plastic sides and makes for easy gripping. The packaging, and stickers are a nice touch. These were some nice surprises that I didn’t know about. The mountain peak on my case goes right up to the fingerprint sensor, and the lightest wood edge meets it at a sharp point and doesn’t seem to be glued down as well as the rest of the wood. The issue seems to slowly be resolving itself.

Spigen isn’t what I would directly call a household name unless you primarily order your accessories online. Most companies that sell cases online only have a harder time reaching out to customers in the same way that Speck, Otterbox, Incipio, or other brands would.

I haven’t seen Spigen cases sold in stores myself, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t sold in store somewhere. Spigen is able to reach people better even with no big presence in your typical electronics or carrier stores. They constantly have sales online, promote their products, and more importantly make a large variety of cases for just about every flagship.

There are a few lines they offer that I have an affinity toward: the Rugged Armor, Thin Fit, and Slim Armor. I’ve had more good experiences with these cases than some others making them a first purchase when I get a phone. I currently have their Rugged Armor (RA) case for my Pixel. It took me a while longer to get one; this was due to the RA frequently going out of stock on Amazon because of the popularity of the design.

Don’t be fooled by the thin profile of this case, because Spigen claims it can take a beating. I’ve dropped my phones (S7 Edge, HTC 10, Nexus 6P, Note 7) in this case more times than I care to mention and never broken a screen or had any damage to my phone.

TPU is a great material for absorbing shocks, maintaining its shape over time, and resisting oils /scratches to some extent. The case is said to go through 26 drops from 4 ft (48 in), thereby offering “Military grade” protection. I mentioned in my Otterbox review that bulky cases are more of a style than anything. Given how cases like this one, and the Presidio, offer equal protection the majority of the time.

Since the Google Pixel isn’t a particularly complicated piece of industrial design. We can make cases of all sorts for it relatively simply.

The case you see below is the Evo Check from the company Tech21. This same case family previously came out on top when we reviewed Galaxy S6 cases last year.

The Evo Check provides great resistance to damage – it’s the most robust case we’ve tested thus far. It carries with it the Tech21 technology called FlexShock. We made it of material similar to that of the 1990’s Nickelodeon toy Gak.

Instead of bashing up against the edge of the phone when you drop the device. This material absorbs impact and the phone (and case) bounce.

Cimo Technologies works hard to provide high quality products for low prices.

  • Precise cutouts allow access to all ports, speakers and cameras
  • Designed for the Motorola Moto E3, Moto E 3rd Generation Edition (2016)
  • Lightweight, slim and durable TPU and polycarbonate material preserve the phone’s design
  • Raised bezels protect screen and camera from surface contact
  • Anti-slip properties gives your smart phone more grip

Next up on our list of the best clear cases for the Google Pixel and Pixel XL is Spigen’s Crystal Shell Google Pixel Case. This one comes with a hard PC back and a flexible bumper with added corner protection.

Also add Spigen’s Air Cushion technology in the mix and the Crystal Shell should ensure that your Pixel or Pixel XL is equipped to handle all sorts of unfortunate drops. Sure, the corner protection adds a bit to the total footprint. That’s a tradeoff some might be willing to take.

As a result, if you’ve had clear covers that turned into a distasteful shade of yellow as weeks passed. There’s no need to worry; We guarantee Spigen’s Crystal Shell cases will not turn yellow in time.

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