Ikea hack for wall to wall cabinet


Yet another Ikea hack post? I know, right? This wall-to-wall built-in cabinet solution is so easy to put together and simple that you could put it all together in one or two days, plus the actual framing that may be necessary to give it all the built-in final look.

The difficulty of the framing will vary based on the size of the wall and the vertical and horizontal gaps you end up with.

I can’t emphasize the importance of measuring accurately before buying the cabinets, unless of course you enjoy making several trips to Ikea to return or exchange stuff.

So let’s start with that…


Ikea hack wall to wall built in cabinet

Luckily, Ikea has Planning Tools that you can use to plan a project. We used the PAX Planner to plan the PAX wardrobe wall-to-wall built-in system. Wardrobe is in the name of the PAX system from Ikea. But you don’t have to use it as a wardrobe system at all. In this case, we used it for storage in the basement and not exactly to store clothes.


The width of the wall is 180″ and the height 102″. Using the PAX Planner, it turned out that using 2 wide cabinets and 5 narrow ones would work for us best. The wide cabinets are exactly twice the width of the narrow ones anyways. So you can easily mix and match to get the look you want.


Our goal was to mount a TV as close as possible to the center of the wall. So we designed it with enough room to mount the TV without using any doors on that wide cabinet, just because.


Here’s what we got:

2x PAX Wardrobe frame – Size: Width 39 1/4 x Depth 22 7/8 x Height 93 1/8″

3x PAX Wardrobe frame – Size: Width 19 5/8 x Depth 22 7/8 x Height 93 1/8″

2x PAX Wardrobe frame – Size: Width 19 5/8 x Depth 22 7/8 x Height 79 1/4″ (These are shorter because the ceiling is lower on the right side of our wall)

Also within the Pax Planner, you can select your doors, shelves and accessories.

Let’s start assembling

Assembling the first Ikea cabinet took just a few minutes. It’s so easy but it can be even easier if you have someone to help you move it in place once assembled.

While we won’t recommend drinking while building Ikea cabinets, we won’t recommend not drinking either. Let’s just say that wine played a fundamental role in making this project possible. 🙂

Noticed how there is a big gap before the last cabinet on the right? Worry not! It will all fit snuggly after removing the baseboard from both sides. Keep scrolling…


Baseboards be gone! All cabinets are in place and all we have to deal with is less than 1-inch on each side. The gap where the cabinets meet the ceiling is the most challenging one. If you’re not into framing, you might want to hire someone to frame it for you. That’s what we did.




Seeing the contractors building the frame made me kind of regret not attempting it alone. All it took was a bunch of 2x4s, drywall and white trim to give it the same look and feel as the Ikea cabinet doors.

While we’re at it, we installed the TV mount.




Almost done


Doors are attached and we’re all set





Hope you like it! Got questions or comments? Leave them below! Enjoy! 🙂

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