Snacks – A Love Hate Relationship British Style


Snacks a love hate relationship the British style. It is a never ending subject from bacon ice cream to the next cupcake. Food evolves quickly and new recipes are emerging everyday. Please comment below to let us know what you think.

You have to hand it to the British Isles—they really appreciate their snacks. St. Paddy’s had us thinking about McVitie’s Hobnobs and Tayto’s cheese and onion crisps, which reminded us of all the British snacky foods as well.

While Snacktaku tends to focus largely on foods available in the U.S. or Japan, we must never forget that the world is filled with wonderful things to put in our mouths. Things like Jelly Babies, Aero bars and the rest of the British candy showcased in the latest vid from Anglophenia.

My British friends rave about Jaffa Cakes—apparently they’re everything. Personally, I was horrified while taste-testing to discover Jaffa Cakes are SOFT, not crunchy, which made the treat taste stale. Upon first inspection, they look like a crunchy chocolate cookie, but they are not. A shocking, disappointing experience all around for me personally, but somehow these were still a hit with others in the office.

At Walkers we believe Home Grown food tastes best That’s why as well as using the best British potatoes we’ve now searched every corner of Britain for the tastiest home grown British ingredients to go into all of our irresistible flavours…

  • With Vale of Eve-sham tomatoes
  • No artificial colors or preservatives
  • 100% great British potatoes
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Cooked with sun-seed oil, naturally lower in saturates

Nestle Aero. This is chocolate filled with air bubbles and it comes in various flavours and it’s amazing. The mint one is vividly green and it’s the best.

Way Better Snacks. Trust me, these chips really are way better. Made with non-GMO, all natural, sprouted seeds, beans, and grains, the brand makes sure you enjoy a whole bag of chips without the guilt. Flavors include spicy sriracha, sweet potato, multi-grain, and more.

Bounce Energy Balls are made with nuts, seeds and brown rice to provide you major protein in a small package. Unlike the sugary chocolate bar or lunchtime espresso, these guys keep you energized all day with healthy fats and antioxidant micro-nutrients. Each flavor combines a different super food like coconut, cacao or almonds with whey protein so they’re delicious and surprisingly two pounds a piece.

Best for: when your schedule is full and your stomach isn’t

They’re small but don’t let that fool you — these little guys are way more filling that you’d expect. They’re great to grab when you’re running late since you can finish them in a couple bites and they’ll hold you over until lunch. Don’t be led astray by the whey protein either. While it’s tough to hide the admittedly unpleasant flavor of whey, Bounce Balls do the trick. The office favorite, the apple and cinnamon flavor tastes like a little personal pie; the fact that you’re eating whey will be in the very back of your mind.

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