Snacks – A Love Hate Relationship Russian Style


Snacks a love hate relationship the Russian style. Food is a simple way to conquer your brain and help your palette recognize flavors. Please comment below to let us know what you think.

Sausages wrapped in dough are also a thing in Russia, except they do it with proper sized sausages, which is genius. We realize that these can sometimes be bought elsewhere besides Russia, but still they have not spread worldwide.

If you’ve never tried a local Russian cuisine, now you have a chance with a national Lay’s flavor! Summer fresh-salted cucumbers flavored with spices and herbs are usually served in Russia with boiled potatoes and it is a bright example of a traditional dish. In this case, cucumbers join together with crispy golden chips and both form a truly unique taste of homemade Russian food!

This is the simplest, and cheapest, pastry you can buy in Russia. It’s literally just bread with sugar melted on top of it and it’s amazing.

Gingerbread is a sweet pastry with spices that give it its name. Russian gingerbread cakes are famous not just for their taste and aroma, but also for their attractive appearance. They usually are stamped or painted with colored glaze designs, so they are perfect as gifts for memorable events.

The history of gingerbread goes back to the distant past. Its predecessors were already known in the first millennium B.C. In Russia, gingerbread appeared in the 9th century A.D. In those days, gingerbread was called “honey bread”, because honey was the main ingredient of the dough and determined the taste and smell of the cake.

Later, they began to add herbs and spices into the gingerbread dough, and when Russia established trade relations with the Eastern countries, gingerbread acquired the aroma of ginger, peppermint, clove, nutmeg and other spices, and became justly known as “gingerbread”.

Such Russian cities as Tula, Tver, Novgorod, Pokrov, Gorodets, and Ryazan were especially famous for their gingerbread making. Tula gingerbread makers were the first to add fruit filling in gingerbread, and that made the product even more popular. In the 19th century, Tula gingerbread stores were opened in some European capitals.

Gingerbread is a traditional dessert, without which it is impossible to imagine a Russian tea ceremony. There is no other country where there are so many different kinds and such high quality of gingerbread, as in Russia. Try the best Russian gingerbread cakes offered at and you will love them. Tender, delicious and aromatic, Russian gingerbread is a true delight.

National toasted bread with different flavors, such as onion, bacon, barbecue and a local dish – jellied meat with horseradish. These are crispy and spicy snacks, which are very popular among Russians to have with beer. One of the most popular snacks in the country!

These are literally small pieces of rye bread that have been fried in oil. They’re best served with a cold beer. Those were traditionally made from left overs of rye sourdough bread – most popular bread in Russia. When the bread becomes too firm and hard to munch on it they chop it into small pieces like on this pic and put into the oven for a while, sprinkled with salt.

Seriously: Russia gets all the best crips flavours. Why porcini mushrooms and sour cream – because that’s a pretty much traditional Russian cuisine.
  • Authentic Russian Milk Chocolate

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