Snacks – A Love Hate Relationship Thai Style


Snacks a love hate relationship the Thai style. Thailand is rich in heritage and the only country in south-east Asia to have escaped colonial rule. Thailand is not only a historic country with cities like Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket and Railay. Celebrated as a country with tropical beaches, opulent royal palaces, ancient ruins and ornate temples displaying figures of Buddha. Thailand is also known for its luxury hotels, shopping and cuisine. Please comment below to let us know what you think.

An addictively sweet snack or dessert, kluay tod is deep fried mini-bananas. The dish is usually made with less ripe bananas, which are more suitable for deep frying. The bananas are typically prepared in a batter of desiccated coconut and sesame seeds. The result is a slightly crunchy and golden outside, and a creamy and warm center. They’re excellent freshly fried, or even after they cool off to room temperature.

You know the strips of seaweed used in sushi? Greenish black and paper-thin, these fried seaweed snacks were instead rolled out into flat single serving sheet. They are light and airy but aren’t as brittle as they look. They actually bend a bit before being able to be torn off into smaller pieces.

Along with the Original flavor, these snacks feature non-scary BBQ flavor. Garlic and Grilled Squid exist as flavors, too.

First Impression: Light as air, these fried seaweed snacks quickly dissolved in our mouths like Cheese Puffs. They are full of flavor, which can best be described as a slight meaty (umami) with a fresh ocean taste. And you know how Doritos leave delicious orange dust on your fingers? Seaweed snacks do the same thing, only with little black crumbly flakes of goodness.

The Verdict: We’re big fans of this seaweed snack, and to be honest, have enjoyed them long before doing this experiment. Seaweed strips are full of flavor and satisfying salty snack. We just used this experiment as an excuse to buy some.

Up your summer game with this super easy Thai mini fish cakes. Serve it with sweet chilli sauce for dipping, or wrap in warm pita bread with shredded lettuce and cucumber for a snack or light meal. Quick bite ain’t it? Don’t miss out on the recipe here.

Korn uses pisang Raja to make fritters as the banana isn’t too soft and won’t go limp after deep-frying.

“I also add grated coconut in the batter to give it a better texture. It’s a common trick when frying fritters in Thailand,” he says.

If there is one rule that Korn practises with palm oil, it is its reusability. He suggests frying potatoes in used palm oil to make it “clear” for the second usage.

“A good reminder is not to reuse your palm oil until it turns thick and near black. Degraded oil not only has a reputation for clogging your arteries, it is also bad for the cook to inhale the smoke that it emits,” he says.

“Reuse oil just once or twice – don’t over use it.”

2 pisang Raja, cut lengthwise into 3 to 4 slices 300g taro, peeled and cut lengthwise into slices of 0.3cm thickness 300g sweet potato, peeled and cut lengthwise into slices of 0.3cm thickness 500ml palm oil, for deep frying

Satay Gai/Nua. Chicken or beef satay. This snack is prepared like a barbeque. We marinate these strips of chicken or beef, lined on a stick and grilled or broiled in the oven. The secret of an appealing flavor lies on the marinate mix. The dipping sauce commonly used is a homemade peanut mush.

Khanom: These pastry snacks come in many forms and flavors. They are bite-sized and have ingredients including rice flour, coconut milk, egg yolks, sugar and peanuts.

This luscious dessert is a form of rice pudding paired with mangos at the peak of their ripeness. Sweet and rich, khao niao mamuang is a favorite way to finish any Thai meal.

Sticky rice is used in Southeast Asia for desserts. It also goes by the name of “sweet rice” or “glutinous rice.” Be sure this is the kind you use.


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