Snacks – A Love Hate Relationship Ukrainian Style


Snacks a love hate relationship the Ukrainian style. Europe’s second largest country, Ukraine is a land of wide, fertile agricultural plains, with large pockets of heavy industry in the east. Ukraine is a historic country in Eastern Europe. Ukraine is not only a historic country with cities like Kiev, Lviv, Odessa, Yalta and Chernivtsi. Celebrated as a country with world’s largest reserves of Manganese, Antonov An-225 Mriya airlift cargo aircraft, soccer, Chernobyl, Arsenalnaya Metro Station. Ukraine is also known for its agriculture, traditional clothing and cuisine. Please comment below to let us know what you think.

We absolutely have to start with borshch! There is a scary saying, speculating that no Ukrainian girl will be able to get married, if she does not know how to prepare borshch. And oh my – we all make sure we do!

This traditional soup, made out of beet root and up to 20 other ingredients, is a staple dish in every Ukrainian family. We love our borshch with all the depth of our Ukrainian hearts – hot and cold, fresh and stale, for lunch or for breakfast, as a meal or even as a healing medicine against the winter colds.And Every housewife has its own secret version of borshch, and no restaurant trial can ever compete with the real, steaming hot home-made borshch.

Traditionally borshch recipe is a basic stir-fry of grated beet root with tomatoes, added to a generous soup of vegetables – onions, carrots, fresh or pickled cabbage, peppers, and whatever else is available from our house garden.Also for the true state-of-art samples of this dish you have to head to the hidden-away villages of Carpathian Mountains, where borshch is cooked not on the gas stove, but is left to simmer for hours in the coziness of wooden oven.  Pour it in the clay pot, drip in a spoon of fresh sour cream, snack up on a garlic-sprinkled pampushky and you’ll be able to understand what the true Ukrainian heaven looks like!

This is my death row wish, my last supper, my ultimate source of comfort. I had trouble deciding how many people the recipes below would serve – I can eat 40 dumplings at one sitting, and that is no joke. It may be nostalgia or that they are so incredibly tasty, or perhaps I am just a glutton. If you have any varenyky left over, they are amazing the next day, fried in butter until crispy.

Are you seeking a new recipe for a light and delicious drink? Then this Ukrainian recipe for raspberry uzvar is just what you need. The drink is accompanied by citric acid which gives the uzvar some special note. Moreover, this uzvar is a good solution as drinks for weekend gatherings since it contains wine which makes it more extravagant.

Start thinking about this refreshing and flavorful drink right now and it will make your mouth water so that you’ll run to the kitchen and cook it with us.

Ukrainian Easter bread or paska (which means Easter) is a slightly sweet egg bread that can be decorated with religious symbols.

It’s taken to church on Easter morning in a special basket with other foods to be blessed. Slovaks also serve paska at Easter but this is not to be confused with the molded Easter cheese dessert of the same name.

Ukrainians also feature another type of sweet bread known as babka for Easter but instead of the fluted shape favored by the Poles, theirs looks more like a Russian kulich which is tall and cylindrical in shape.

Kulesh is dense Ukrainian soup made from any cereals, fat or meat and different vegetables.

Kulesh – soup, typically from wheat, with the addition of other ingredients.

According to the dictionary Dahl “liquid soup with corned beef from oatmeal pea with bacon and so on.”.

Culinary Dictionary defines William Pokhlebkin gruel “1. Rare flour porridge with bacon. Belarusian national dish. 2. Millet gruel with bacon and onions. Ukrainian and south Russian dish. ”

Kulesh also a dish that has received the spread of Zaporozhye Cossacks. Ancestress of the well-known Hungarian Kulesha is a porridge of millet (Hungarian wheat is called “kёlesh» (köles)). The required components are the classic Kulesza millet grits and bacon.

Salo is a white pork fat known as a national Ukrainian dish.And Salo has little or no meat; it is not rendered as lard and is not necessarily cured as bacon.

In Ukraine and many other countries salo food and its variations is considered as a main dish of national cuisine. In the old days due to its high nutrition value salo was an important element of people’s ration (100 g of pig fat amounts to 800 calories).Also salted or smoked salo can be preserved for a long time without refrigerating.

Today due to healthy nutrition spreading salo becomes a chaser or a starter on a national festive table rather than a main course.

In Ukrainian cuisine salo plays very important role. It is as popular as other traditional Ukrainian dishes – borscht, varenyky, golubtsi, galushky.And Ukrainian salo is a unique chaser because it is served in slices with bread, garlic, pickles. While in other cuisines salo is consumed after rendering in a form of lard.

These aren’t the potato pancakes I posted earlier which used left-over mashed potatoes. These are finely grated, raw potatoes and onion.Also Deruny is a classic Ukrainian dish. Our moms still make these regularly. This is actually Vadim’s post.And He combined both our family recipes and it turned out perfect.

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