Snacks – A Love Hate Relationship Italian Style


Snacks a love hate relationship the Italian style. Italy was an ancient superpower known as The Roman Empire. It reached the height of its power in the second century. It was by far the dominant power in most of the ancient world. Italy has Europe’s richest and craziest culture. Italy is not only a historic country with cities like Rome, Venice, Florence and Milan. Celebrated as a country with architecture, vineyards, auto mobile industry and shopping. Italy is also known for its art, fashion and cuisine. Please comment below to let us know what you think.

Mini mozzarella cheese balls skewered with tender basil leaves and juicy tomatoes, drizzled with tangy-sweet balsamic reduction will knock. Your. Socks. Off.

Each layered is loaded with bold-yet-fresh flavors that combine in a bite that is nearly indescribable. It is SO good!

Bonus: it only takes 10 minutes or so to make a whole mess of ’em! Start by laying out a plate to hold the Caprese Skewers, tooth picks to do the skewerin’, and the ingredients.

That’d be grape or cherry tomatoes, fresh basil leaves, and fresh mini mozzarella balls. You can find mini mozza balls in most grocery stores these days. If not, just cut a regular-sized ball of fresh mozz into bite-sized pieces.

These grissini (Italian breadsticks) will not last long at your dinner table

Grissini are crunchy pencil-sized breadsticks with a rustic, uneven appearance coming from the hand-stretched process.

They often accompany antipasti, they can be served as appetizers wrapped with paper-thin slices of ham, and they are also a great snack to nibble on.

Although I prefer them plain, these breadsticks are easy to flavor. Add chopped fresh herbs, parmesan cheese, seeds, spices to the dough, or sprinkle them with sea salt, sesame seeds, cumin seeds just before baking.

You can shape them any way you prefer, straight or twisted, thin or thick. The length of the breadsticks will be determined by how large your oven is. If you have a wide oven you can make very long sticks.

When your are stretching the dough to form the breadsticks, be careful not to stretch the center too thin or they will burn before the ends are fully baked.

The majority of this part of the family is Italian, so I wanted to make something Italian influenced with fresh and bright flavors. These Tomato Basil Crostini were the perfect  little appy, and they were completely devoured in no time.

You can eat them plain or drizzle them with either olive oil or balsamic vinegar. Either way, they are a perfect accompaniment for patio eats or to serve as a snack with drinks.

Make sure to have a few extra for yourself. I always take “quality control” seriously and had a few of these before I put them out. I mean, you have to taste test, am I right?

Last summer when I was staying at my sister’s in Toronto, I would take a walk to the mall and do some grocery shopping. I love walking around grocery stores and checking out everything!

While I was picking up some fruit I noticed all those bins lined up full of different types of breads, pretzels etc.

I noticed something I had never seen before, sorry I did what they have signs saying not to do plastered everywhere, I lost control and nonchalantly grabbed a Taralli and then I grabbed a bag and bought myself my first and it sure wasn’t my last bag of Taralli.

When I arrived back at my sister’s I asked her what they were and she said “I think they are Italian”,  what? I had never seen them before. And then my daughter confirmed it, they were Italian.

Starting the New year with a sweet, crispy & coconuty recipe – Eggless Chocolate Coconut Macaroon. These cute looking goodies are perfect as Grab-and-Go snacks Or when served as dessert Or gift/treats to your friends.

Macaroon is bite sized baked confection usually made with egg white whipped to stiff peaks then combined with sugar, nuts or coconut (or both) & then baked till golden crisp. These Italy origin dessert bites many times are confused with the French Macaron may be due to similarity in names but these are two separate goodies & recipes.

I happened to come across this coconut macaroon recipe on Youtube & couldn’t resist myself from trying it. I prefer the egg-less version to the egg one as honestly I am lazy to beat the egg whites till they form stiff peaks (too much effort). This egg-less recipe is so simple that you simply mix all ingredients, scoop them on baking tray & bake them. The addition of coconut provides a good coco-nutty flavor & dipping them in chocolate greatly compliments this dish.

A dark, crunchy chocolate biscotti, perfect for gifting.

Tree is up, presents are mostly wrapped, time to tackle some holiday baking.    Biscotti are easy to make, and it may be the only cookie you actually try to bake until it’s dry

I’m kinda picky about freshness, and I drive myself a little crazy trying to bake goodies the same day or very close to when they are going to be eaten. It’s such a relief to have a cookie for the holidays that can be made ahead and still taste amazing.

These classic Italian cookies are a bit more sophisticated which makes them the perfect treat for gifting. Since they have staying power and don’t break easily, biscotti are easy to package up and share.  Maybe in a gift basket with some fancy teas?  Or I’ve even put them right back into the biscotti pan and tied it up with a bow.

I absolutely love to have a bisotti with a hot cup of tea.  Especially during this season, with the tree lights twinkling in the background, perhaps in front of a roaring fire.

And then I munch on them before breakfast with a steamy cup of coffee.

For the past two years I’ve wanted to make a no knead dutch oven bread. I’ve saved countless recipes on Pinterest and I finally decided to take the plunge this past week. This pregnant girl loves her CARBS! I decided to lightly adapt this No Knead Dutch Oven Bread from Jo Cook’s. I added some of my own spins on it like Italian seasoning and shredded mozzarella cheese. It’s easy to make but just requires some extra waiting time before the baking actually happens.

Biscotti Dessert Cups are a versatile little dessert filling containers, that are perfect for entertaining. The cups are sturdy, so easy picked up by guests and the size is small so whether someone just wants a bite, or is in the mood for a full sweet fix they are readily accommodated. The almond biscotti flavor compliments a wide array of dessert fillings, and adds an Italian spin.

La Cecina Toscana is a Tuscan chickpea flatbread made with only chickpea flour, water, olive oil and salt. It has unbelievable flavour, a crispy top and slightly creamy middle.

This chickpea flatbread is incredibly simple and consists of only four simple ingredients yet is packed full of flavour. The liquid batter is baked in a hot oven in a very thin pizza tray around 3-5mm thick. The end result is a cross between a thin, crispy pizza, flatbread and a pancake and you have to try it!

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