Weird But Awesome Inventions


The last century saw the rise of many inventions that helped pave the road for many of the gadgets we use today.

Look around your home or office and regard all of the modern inventions that surround you. You might take them for granted, but remember: Each one of your amenities is the end result of years of trial and error.

Check these weird but awesome inventions and let us know what you think.

Combine your love for your baby with the love for scooters. This is a hybrid invention with comfort for the mother and baby.

Are you tired of bending down and struggle to put your socks on? This will help you just slide your foot into your socks!

The noodles just really like my chin and hair. That’s why with this invention I can eat and not worry about getting my chain and hair messy. This is a life save for some people.

There’s no need to feel lonely this Christmas, whether you have a man in your life or not.

All those hunting for a burly pair of arms to snuggle into at night need search no more…thanks to the Boyfriend Pillow.

This machine-washable cushion is made out of memory foam, and shaped to resemble one arm and one half of a shirted chest.

It is perfect, according to American manufacturer Deluxe Comfort website, for ‘singles who desire to feel the touch of a man without actually having to be with one’, and ‘people whose partner is away on military leave or work absence’.

Whether you are a man or a woman you can struggle socially. This is a helper for the lonely man. The idea of having a pillow that imitate the legs of a woman is a genius invention.

Without pedals, gears, or a saddle, should the Fliz Bike be considered a bicycle at all? Part hang-glider, part Rube Goldberg device, the Fliz is composed of a lightweight frame that uses a harness to suspend the rider in between a set of wheels. Based on the concept of a velocipede, the German prototype was created to to encourage more cycling within an urban environment.

Like a blast from the past, the Fliz Bike harkens back to the days before bicycles were designed with all of the efficiency and convenience of pedals and a chain. German designers Tom Hambrock and Juri Spetter drew their inspiration from the “Laufmaschine,” a 19th-century precursor to the modern bike.

To get the contraption moving, the rider must run or be coasting downhill. A five-point harness system holds the frame close to the user’s body while in transit, allowing the rider to gain enough speed. Once at a good clip, they can then rest their feet on the back wheel and use the handlebars to steer.

Hambrock and Spetter hope that the unusual construction of the Fliz Bike will make cycling more attractive and fun to encourage an alternative to driving. Already gaining speed, the cycle has won a Merit Award at the International Cycle Show in Taipei.

What’s better than a door that transforms into a ping pong table.

For those days where you’re not sure if it’s going to rain or not.

As a parent, if you want to teach your baby some goodness of cleaning and just want to enjoy your baby crawling without concerning about the cleaning of the floor then The Baby Mop is the best thing you should purchase. This Baby mop is one of the weirdest inventions. This Mop got the small brush like projections on the outside that act as a mop.

This 19th-century machine could shave a dozen men at once. One reason for its commercial failure was that it could not alter its movements according to face shape.


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